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New Laptop & 5 Predictions in 2007

January 2, 2007

New Laptop

Pretty much just got a new LENOVO laptop. It seems very nice, and it is very high quality. (Hehe, my judgement just from the picture ;P) Would like to know you’re guy’s comments on the NEW LENOVO z61m Laptop.

P.S. I capitalize the word LENOVO because I assume people don’t know that LENOVO has bought the IBM Thinkpad Series. I always need to know that I am just one step faster than everyone else. It gives me confidence.

Top 5 Predictions in 2007

1. Microsoft unleashes a Zune that will surpass the “improved” iPod.

2. The Nintendo Wii passes the PS3 in sales and the PS3 is lowered in price.

3. (Hopefully, I HOPE THIS WILL HAPPEN) The Sony PSP gets upgraded with features that the MYLO has and an integrated camera.

4. Roger Federer Wins the Grand Slam ( The Aussie, Frenchie, Wimby, and U.S. opens)

5. I earn enough money to pay off the debts I currently hold.