New Laptop & 5 Predictions in 2007

January 2, 2007

New Laptop

Pretty much just got a new LENOVO laptop. It seems very nice, and it is very high quality. (Hehe, my judgement just from the picture ;P) Would like to know you’re guy’s comments on the NEW LENOVO z61m Laptop.

P.S. I capitalize the word LENOVO because I assume people don’t know that LENOVO has bought the IBM Thinkpad Series. I always need to know that I am just one step faster than everyone else. It gives me confidence.

Top 5 Predictions in 2007

1. Microsoft unleashes a Zune that will surpass the “improved” iPod.

2. The Nintendo Wii passes the PS3 in sales and the PS3 is lowered in price.

3. (Hopefully, I HOPE THIS WILL HAPPEN) The Sony PSP gets upgraded with features that the MYLO has and an integrated camera.

4. Roger Federer Wins the Grand Slam ( The Aussie, Frenchie, Wimby, and U.S. opens)

5. I earn enough money to pay off the debts I currently hold.



  1. Do you really think Zune will surpass iPod? Why?

  2. The Zune offers more innovative features than the iPod and to me has a better / sleeker looking design.

    The Zune has an intuitive design and interface that is different than the iPod. Beautiful pictures fill the background of the Zune rather than the bland white background of the iPod.

    As long as the Zune slims down a bit it can be a real contender rather than a pretender.

  3. Yo Creative Zen kick’s both Apple and Microsofet’s butt’s with it’s Zen Vision: M… it’s soo much better than both of them except that it’s a bit fatter with no games…

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