Patriots Vs Chargers

January 13, 2007

This is going to be one of the most anticipated matchups of the year. It features one of the top AFC teams and the MVP matched up against the Patriots, a team led by All-star Quarterback Tom Brady.

Although the Patriots have the necessities that can elevate them to the top of the NFL, they are missing something that the Chargers have. LT.

Although Laurence Maroney is having an outstanding season for a Rookie running back, he lacks the explosiveness and the ability to take the game into his own hands. LaDanian Tomlinson has the qualities and talent, in my opinion, to be the best running back this league has ever seen.

He set a record-breaking 31 Td’s and 186 points scored in a season.

LT is the determining factor as to whether are not the Chargers win the game. If he steps up like he did against the Bengals in Week 10, then there is no doubt in my mind that the Chargers will play the Colts for a spot in the Super Bowl.

In the end, I believe it will be a very close game:

Patriots: 21



Pre Sugar Bowl: Notre Dame vs LSU

January 3, 2007

The Sugar Bowl presents a challenge for both teams as both Notre Dame and LSU want to win it. Although Notre Dame contains an outstanding offending; LSU’s defense is just as good, maybe better. With Heisman candidate Brady Quinn as QB for Notre Dame, and the athleticism of the Tiger’s defense it will be a tough obstacle for the Fighting Irish to conquer.

The statistics state that LSU will easily conquer the Irish in this bowl game; but if Charlie Weiss’ Irish are on their game, then this will be a must- watch game.

Statistics (Courtesy of MSN Sports) :

LSU Notre Dame
Total Offense
18th 404.17 ypg 22nd 398 ypg
Total Defense
2nd 238.75 ypg 45th 320.5 ypg
Scoring Offense
10th 33.08 ppg 12th 32.42 ppg
Scoring Defense
4th 12.5 ppg 57th 22.42 ppg
Run Offense
37th 159.17 ypg 76th 124.25 ypg
Run Defense
15th 93.25 ypg 50th 127.83 ypg
Pass Offense
3rd 145.5 ypg 10th 273.75 ypg
Pass Defense
3rd 145.5 ypg 50th 192.67 ypg
Turnover Margin
61st 0.00 32nd 0.42

As you can see, LSU leads in basically every category and is the sure favorite for this year’s Sugar Bowl.

My Preditcion:

LSU: 38 ND: 14 in Favor of the Tigers.

EDIT: I was only 3 off in my predictions =[

LSU: 41 ND: 14


New Laptop & 5 Predictions in 2007

January 2, 2007

New Laptop

Pretty much just got a new LENOVO laptop. It seems very nice, and it is very high quality. (Hehe, my judgement just from the picture ;P) Would like to know you’re guy’s comments on the NEW LENOVO z61m Laptop.

P.S. I capitalize the word LENOVO because I assume people don’t know that LENOVO has bought the IBM Thinkpad Series. I always need to know that I am just one step faster than everyone else. It gives me confidence.

Top 5 Predictions in 2007

1. Microsoft unleashes a Zune that will surpass the “improved” iPod.

2. The Nintendo Wii passes the PS3 in sales and the PS3 is lowered in price.

3. (Hopefully, I HOPE THIS WILL HAPPEN) The Sony PSP gets upgraded with features that the MYLO has and an integrated camera.

4. Roger Federer Wins the Grand Slam ( The Aussie, Frenchie, Wimby, and U.S. opens)

5. I earn enough money to pay off the debts I currently hold.


53846 KeChe Boulevard

January 1, 2007

First Posts. Great Job.


New Year

January 1, 2007

2006 going on 2007